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At Surbine recycling Private Limited, we want you to have a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. To that end, we’ve compiled a FAQ list below that covers the most common questions we receive. Have a look, and if there’s something missing, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out.

Molten Gold being poured into Ingot moul


Our Methodology for technology development is based on the simple principle of breaking down complex problems into smaller fundamentals problems and reasoning with first principles . This approach pinpoints the key issues, then we apply new counter intuitive methods to develop individual solutions, combine them and the PROCESS is ready.


The Process needs to be versatile since the consistency of the Raw Material varies. The process solutions are gradually scaled up to Production Level. Our engineers monitor and collect tons of data to feed into our analysis software.  Based on the readings the process is fine tuned in real time varying the dosages of different reagents. This is repeated multiple times until a robust Process is achieved.


Multiple trials are done on Production Scale, we have spent half a million manhours on research.
Is it worth it?
Answer is yes, for the greater good of the planet it is.
We are now at a stage where Production is in full swing. Our commitment is to continuously develop greener technologies and reduce process cost .


Environmentally friendly leaching (OL), maximize the use of Organic Reagents for hydrometallurgical extraction of select metals.

Liquid–liquid extraction (LLE), also known as solvent extraction, is a method to separate compounds or metal complexes, based on their relative solubility in two different immiscible liquids.

Electrowinning (EW), also called electroextraction, is the electrodeposition of metals that have been put in leachate via a process commonly referred to as leaching.